Beginner Course:
Introduction To Photography

About The Course

For someone who's just picking up an SLR or mirrorless digital camera for the first time, these digital photography basics might seem complicated and overwhelming. The internet is crawling with free information, but it can be difficult to understand and can oftentimes be inaccurate.

Course Main Goals

In this extensive online photography course, we will guide you through these topics along with lighting, composition, shooting techniques and more. Tons of beautiful examples, illustrations, and even video presentations will ensure you get the information for good! Download the free online photography course preview and see for yourself!

Intermediate Course: Macro Photography

About The Course

This online photography course is designed for those photographers who already have the basics of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation and are ready to take their close-up and macro photography to the next level.

Course Main Goals

It's not all about expensive macro lenses! In this highly-rated macro photography online course, you'll learn about all the great affordable equipment for getting close and how to create magnifications much higher than what a pricey macro lens can deliver. You'll also learn what camera settings to use, how to figure out your shutter abilities, aperture, and ISO, how to compose your photos, how to control light, and much, much more!

Types of Photographic Lighting And How To Use Them

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Online photography courses by Kainuna offer one of the most efficient ways to learn photography for any skill level. Taken at your own pace, these online photography courses will fit even the most hectic schedule, and since there is no time limit to finish each course, you can rest assured that the unpredictability of life won’t disrupt your progress.

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